Sprinting into the sunrise on the 4F
GoPro video still by Dave Yoshimoto

Dark Horse Flyers Rides

Details and routes for the current week are found on our Ride Board. Please look at our Ride Levels to determine which rides are best for you. All club rides adhere to our Risk Management Plan.

the 4F (Fast & Furious Forty-Five)

Our early morning ride begins at DHE at 5:45 am sharp. Lights are mandatory.

Wednesdays: “Hammer Time” (Advanced ride)
Fridays: “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” no drop ride

  • About 45 kms long, the route loops in and around the Don Valley three times, with an excellent variety of hills and sprint segments.
  • This is a Fast Intermediate to Advanced ride.

the Nuclear Ride

Tuesday evenings, departing from DHE at 6 pm. Lights are mandatory.

  • Depending on the group you join, 60-80 km from DHE.
  • We ride as a group out to Port Union GO Station and back; includes option to ride the Brimley Hill (with 1-2 repeats as season progresses), and a few sprint segments.
  • When days are long, we ride a loop through Port Union before returning along Lawrence and Kingston Road, and/or a loop taking in the Military Trail neighbourhood.
  • This is a popular well-attended ride and therefore we usually divide into three separate pace groups: Extended A (80 km, Advanced pace/very zippy), B (the regular route at fast Intermediate-Advanced pace) and Nuke Lite (Intermediate social pace). 
  • The ride ends at the patio at Dundas and Carlaw

The DHF Hills Ride

Thursday evenings, departing from The Princes’ Gates at 6:30 pm. Lights are mandatory.
About 35 km

We all need hills practice: the Flyers hills ride is open to riders of all levels. Depending on turnout, we will divide the ride into smaller groups according to pace, but this ride is no drop in any case. Want tips on climbing? Ask your Ride Leader.

  • We ride as a group to the course in the High Park area. Go at your own pace on the hills: the group waits up for everyone between the hills. After we go through the hills course, we ride back as a group along Lakeshore Blvd. to the intersection at Strachan.
  • With many short, punchy hills of varying length and steepness, this ride provides excellent interval training.

Saturday Rides

Saturdays; rides depart from DHE at 8 am June-September and 9 am other months.

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced rides: please see the Ride Board for route details. 
  • Routes change monthly and lengthen as the season progresses.


Sunday Ride

Departs from DH Spadina at 9 am during the season.

An Intermediate B pace for fun, conversation and enjoying the weather: 75-95 km depending on the route.



Wednesdays: departs from Pottery Trailhead at 6:30 pm and picks up people at Three Rocks at 6:45.

Guaranteed to be rad. Get stoked and join us for a rip through the Don trails. Unless otherwise stated by the ride leaders on the afternoon prior to the ride, routes are made up depending on who shows up. Intermediate to advanced MTB skills are required, as are lights. 


Cyclocross training

Wednesdays at 6 pm at Riverdale Park in August/September. Pickup rides on Saturdays during the CX season. 


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