KW Classic RR 2015
Photo by Ange Bradfield

The Dark Horse Flyers (DHF) racing team has been a presence on the road, MTB and CX race circuit since 2007, participating in Ontario Cup Races, Citizen Races and Provincial Championships. The team’s primary objective is to establish a friendly and supportive atmosphere for both new and experienced racers. We help people enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing and feel the satisfaction of stretching their capabilities.

DHF racers have had several podium finishes every year. Whether you’re looking to explore racing or you want to compete at a high-level, this is the club for you, as long as you want to have fun doing it!


racing incentive program

Offered to road, CX and MTB racers who register for races under Dark Horse Flyers and wear official team kit to the race:

  • Race an O-Cup, get reimbursed 100% of your first race and 50% of your second. (Receipts are required.)


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It’s not the energy you use that wins a bike race, it’s the energy you save.
— Robbie McEwen
It’s not the strongest rider who wins a bike race, it’s the rider who crosses the finish line first.
— Emma Pooley
Settle down, pick a wheel to follow, and stay out of trouble.
— Bike Snob NYC