Dark Horse Flyers at Centurion Blue Mountain September 2013
Photo by Tamara Eberle

We are primarily road and cyclocross riders, and we have mountain bikers, track racers and triathletes among us as well. The club has several rides per week, organized by ability to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the road. We are an OCA affiliated club. 


we are people who love to ride.

In 2018 we had 318 members, but the rides still feel small and intimate enough to get to know people, see them regularly on the bike, learn a thing or two and have a good time together. Our ideal group size is 6-16 riders.

The vibe of the club is open and friendly: riders of varying ability levels are welcome and the culture is all about safety, fun, camaraderie and encouraging each other to improve throughout the season.

Rider conduct is always respectful: arrogant hammerheads are elsewhere.

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I had so much fun on my first Nuclear Ride. The weather was beautiful
and I had a great conversation with the person beside me on the way out
to Port Union. When I’m on the bike riding with the Flyers,
I feel like we’re a bunch of kids out playing.
— Female Rider