risk management plan

Our Risk Management Plan addresses how the club will try and limit the amount of risk when running an activity. It addresses specific risks and how these are handled as well as how to deal with an incident. To download our 2019 Risk Management Plan, click here.


Membership Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to describe the application, rights, conditions and obligations for membership within the Club. This policy applies to all members.

Privacy Policy

We recognize Individuals’ right to privacy with respect to their Personal Information. This Policy describes the way that the DHFcc collects, uses, safeguards, discloses, and disposes of Personal Information.

Concussion Policy

The DHFcc is committed to ensuring the safety of those participating in the sport of cycling. We recognize the increased awareness of concussions and their long-term effects and believes that prevention of concussions is paramount to protecting the health and safety of Participants. This Policy provides guidance in identifying common signs and symptoms of concussion, protocol to be followed in the event of a possible concussion, and return to play guidelines should a concussion be diagnosed. Awareness of the signs and symptoms of concussion and knowledge of how to properly manage a concussion is critical to recovery and helping to ensure the individual is not returning to physical activities too soon, risking further complication. A concussion is a clinical diagnosis that can only be made by a physician.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The purpose of this Code is to ensure a safe and positive environment by making Individuals aware that there is an expectation, at all times, of appropriate behaviour consistent with our core values. The DHFcc supports equal opportunity, prohibits discriminatory practices, and is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and fairness. 

Discipline and Complaints

Individuals are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations including, but not limited to, complying with the Organization’s policies, Bylaws, rules and regulations, and Code of Conduct and Ethics. Non-compliance may result in sanctions pursuant to this Policy. 


The Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club is a non-profit corporation in the Province of Ontario. We are volunteer run and as a corporation are required to have By-Laws that govern how we run and the various roles of our Board. You can find our By-Laws here.