Coffee break on a Sunday Kleinburg Ride: July 2015
Photo by Alvaro Lassaletta

Come out and play. Start a (healthy) obsession. Make new friends, see old ones, and smoke ’em in the sprint segments!

To comply with the requirements of our OCA insurance policy, you must be fully registered as a club member to participate in club rides. Only sanctioned club rides are covered by insurance (i.e., club rides that are registered and approved by the OCA and listed on our Ride Board). If you have already purchased a 2019 UCI Race License, 2019 OCA Citizen Racer Permit or have a 2019 OCA Affiliate Club Membership with another OCA Club, you are already covered for OCA Insurance.

A condition of our membership is that you read and become familiar with our Risk Management Plan and designed to make our rides and events safe for all participants. Our Ride Guide gives you plenty of information on How we Ride.

Don’t Forget Your Member Card! We do our best to mail out member cards to each individual within one week of registration. Riders will be required to show their card to the ride leader as proof of membership in good standing prior to each ride. We recommend snapping a photo of your completed Member Card and keeping it on your phone.


How to Join

Register and pay at CCN Bikes, our online membership service.

sign up:

2019 Dark Horse Flyers Membership: $30 Late Season Discount (down from $75)
and OCA Insurance (required): $44 or UCI racing License