We have 3+ levels of rides, organized according to ability. Riders at all levels learn and practice safe group riding skills. New members can join at any level and progress at their own rate.

Details and routes for the current week are found on our Ride Board.

* Pace mentioned below refers to average perceived sustainable pace on the flats (not related to Strava average speed).


For riders who:

  • Have above-average fitness.

  • Know how to clip in and out of their pedals.

  • Know how to handle their bike safely (braking, navigating around obstacles) at an easy pace through the city.

Social riders are expected to ride at least 23 km in an hour. Riders will learn and practice how to ride in a group: drafting on other riders’ wheels, hand signals, how to choose appropriate gearing for the terrain you encounter, how to manage hills better. It’s all about learning, practice and having fun on the bike with great people. The Social ride is a no-drop ride (the group waits up for slower riders).

Ride length: 30 km progressing to 80 km over the season
Ride speed: 23-30 km/h average sustained pace*

Intermediate Level

For riders who:

  • Have more experience with faster group rides and feel confident riding at any position in the bunch.

  • Have good bike handling skills.

  • Have the fitness to ride continuously for several hours at a good working pace.

This is our largest group of riders in the club and therefore on Saturdays throughout the summer it is necessary to subdivide into two or three levels of Intermediate rides according to group speed and distance. Intermediate rides are no-drop rides (the group keeps track of/waits up for slower riders).

Examples of the Intermediate ride breakdown:

Intermediate A (faster)

Ride length: 60-120 km
Ride speed: 30-35 km/h average sustained pace*

Intermediate B (Easy going)

Ride length: 60-120 km
Ride speed: 26-33 km/h average sustained pace*

advanced Level

For riders who:

  • Are very experienced.

  • Train regularly, including winter training.

  • Have excellent fitness and bike handling skills.

  • Can ride continuously at a fast pace for five to six hours.

  • Can fuel while riding fast.

Depending on rider needs and availability of ride leaders, we sub-divide the Advanced ride into A and B groups for Saturday rides. Both groups will ride the same route, with the B group dropping back slightly once we are out of the city. Because this is a longer ride we always stop mid-ride for a coffee break. Please assess your riding ability correctly, know how to fix your bike on the go if necessary and familiarize yourself with the weekly ride route as the Advanced A ride is a drop ride. All Advanced A participants must know the route and the way home. **Advanced B is advertised as a No Drop ride (with exceptions)—you should be able to keep up. Ride Leaders will only give you so many chances if you are affecting the entire group.

Advanced A (very Zippy, hammer-ish, DROP RIDE)

Ride length: 100-180 km
Ride speed: 35-40 km/h average sustained pace* over 100+km 

Advanced B (consistent Steady effort, NO DROP**)

Ride length: 100-180 km
Ride speed: 32-37 km/h average sustained pace* over 100+km